HP Loadrunner Interview questions

What are the best tools for performance testing?

Answer to this question is tricky! To answer these questions some assumptions has to be made.

If your company looking for Load testing to test HTTP and HTTPS Protocol websites at no license cost, then Jmeter is the best tool.

If your company is looking for Load testing tool to test SAP, Oracle Apps and Mobile, and Citrix based applications, in this case HP Loadrunner is the best.

For Mobile applications and Media related applications Neoload is also one the best tool.

What is the difference between Load generator and Controller machine?

Load generator machine is typical machine to pump the load. Controller machine which runs controller component and controls all load generators. Even controller can be used as load generator machine but this is not recommended.

What are the most common script editing activities on loadrunner tool that performance test engineer has to perform ?

Below are the three most common activities on the scripting

  • Parameterizing the static data
  • correlating dynamic values
  • inserting think times and transaction points

What are the protocols support by HP Loadrunner performance testing tool

Loadrunner is the only tool in the market share which support wide variety of protocols ranging from SAPgui to Citrix, it almost supports 40 + protocols. 

What are the different types of Action files and how they will execute when we ran for multiple iterations? 

Loadrunner Vugen by dafault has 3 types of action files. Vuser_init(), Action(), Vuser_end().  when we ran for multiple iterations, Vuser_init(), and Vuser_end() will be executed only once and Action() will be called for the number of iterations provided.

What is the best Runtime setting option in Run vuser as a thread and Run Vuser as a process?

Running vuser as thread is recomended as it occupies less resources.

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