AngularJS Online Training

AngularJS Online Training course is most demanding course in the market. AngularJS is used for building sophisticated and structured Single page Web application, one page web applications. AngularJs uses HTML to define the app’s user interface. It provides a rich API that helps to organize your JavaScript code and makes it easier for you to develop Single Page Web Application which is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) application design paradigm.

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AngularJS Online Training Course Content 


Target Web Application Development using Angular5

  • Web Application Development using Angular5 above Node Architecture
  • Application development using Visual Studio Code IDE
  • Programming language using Javascript
  • OOPs implementation using TypeScript in detail

Understand UI Technologies (MEAN Fullstack)
Available JavaScript frameworks
Understand Web Application
Client Side and Server Side Web Applications 

HTML5 Concepts
Understand HTML
HTML UI Elements
HTML 5 related tags  

CSS3 Concepts 
Understand CSS
Inline css, internal css, external css
Apply styles
Classes, division tags, etc.,

Introduction to Angular
Difference between AngularJs1.x and Angular 2/4/5
Understand difference between other Web technologies like JSP, ASP.NET, PHP with Angular

IDE for UI Technologies 
Available Software to develop UI Frontend Web Applications
Atom, sublime,eclipse,etc.,
Visual Studio Code
Installation, using Visual Studio code

NodeJs importance
Introduction,architecture, installation

Node Package Manager
Introduction, importance
Using npm
Installation external module  

ES6(ECMA Script 2015) 
Introduction, History, Standards
Available Software for ECMA script
Typescript, Babel, etc., 

Inroduction to Javascript
Introduction and importance of Javascript
Data types,
Javascript keywords
console.log() global object
control structures (if, switch, loops)

Javascript objects
String object, Array object (collections), Math Object
Window object (HTML Page), etc., 

Javascript functions
Understand functions
FE, IIFE, Callback, Closures, etc.,
Import and export javascript modules

Understand JSON
Create json objects and iterate
Json array objects collection 

OOPs using Type script
OOPs concepts
OOPs features
Introduction to typescript
Installation, Syntax, Keywords
classes, object, enum, etc.,
Inheritance, interface
Module, etc.,
Singleton pattern, DI (Dependency Injection )etc.,


Client Server Architecture
Understand Architecture
Two parties
Application         =>           Server and Client
Service                 =>           Provider and Consumer

Multithreaded Model
Multithreaded model commonly used in .NET and Java Architectures 

Single threaded Model
Single threaded model used in NodeJS
Asynchronous calls
call back functions help in NodeJS


Understand Angular5

Angular CLI
Introduction, Installation of Angular5
Create angular Project using commands
Angular CLI commands 

Angular Project File structure
Create Angular Project
Understand Angular  Project File Structure 

Angular Modules
Understand Module,
Understand Angular5Module
Syntax to create a module
Understand parts of Angular module
Angular module meta data, Feature module

Angular component
Understand Angular5 component
Syntax to create a components
Structure of Angular Component
Meta data using @component decorator
Nesting components
@Input() parameters

Understand decorator Import decorators,
Properties inside decorator, sytax

UI Page/ View
Understand template, templateUrl
Display data in templates

Data Binding Interpolations
Interpolation {{}}
Two way data binding
event binding
property binding
pass data from controller to view and view to controller

Event Binding
Understand events:
(click), (dblclick), (mouseover), etc.,

Style binding
styleUrl properties
Conditional styling

Understand Directives and pipes
Structural directives—ng-if, else, ng-for
Attribute directives—built in
Attribute directives—custom
Using directive values 

Working with events in directives
Angular pipes—built in
Angular pipes—custom

Angular component life cycle hooks
Working with OnInit
OnDestroy interfaces

RESTful Services (Web API)

Understand service
Types of Services
Difference between SOAP based and RESTful services

Consume Web Services http service
Create RESTful web service using NodeJs
Consume Web Service using Angular2
Perform CRUD operations on Database table

Advanced concepts

Understanding routing and navigations
Route module

Build angular project
Host angular project in IIS

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