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  •  Introduction to Java 
  • OOPS refreshing concept


ANDROID Online Training Content


  • Introduction to Android
  • What is Android
  • History of Android
  • Android versions History
  • How & what we use for [CODING,UI,STORAGE (CUS)] in Android
  • Introduction to Android Apps Development TOOL
  • What is Activity
  • Developing a Simple Android Log In screen UI design
  • Types of Layouts in Android
  • Introduction to Android Java class file, Its structure.

 Into the Android Apps Development

  •  Creating a simple Toast Message Application on click of a button
  • What is Android Virtual device (AVD)
  • How to create Android Virtual Device (AVD)
  • How to run our App on our own Android device
  • Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Android Menus
  • Creating Alert dialog box in Android
  • Basic widgets in android, Creating a Simple user registration page UI
  • Getting data from widgets
  • Intents
  • Creating a New Activity
  • Passing Data between Activities
  • WebView
  • What is Android Manifest file?
  • What is build.gradle file 
  • Date and Time picker
  • Playing Audio and Video in android
  • Listview, gridview, Spinner 
  • Turn on WiFi , Bluetooth programmatically
  • Sending SMS and Mail programmatically
  • StartActivityforResult , Types of Intents
  • Creating Notifications in Android 
  • Animation in android 
  • Sensors in android 

­ Basic Components of Android

    ­> Activity

    ­> Intent 

    ­> Broadcast Receiver

    ­> Services

    ­> Content Provider

Android Advanced

  •  Effective usage of Android Templates
  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal and External storage
  • Android Fragments , Creating Navigation drawer and loading different fragments on clicking different menuitem. 
  • SQLite Database , CRUD operations with it
  • Creating a Login and Sign Up Application using SQLite Database
  • Finding the current location using Google maps 
  • JSON,Sanctus, HTTP classes
  • How to import and Export codes, how to use Third party library projects and integrating it to our App
  • Working with GitHub codes
  • Procedures to Launch your App on Play store.
  • Working with Firebase
  • Getting started withRx Java and Rx Android 
  • Will set up the Android studio tool in your personal system [ Latest Android Studio 2.2.3] 
  • Will provide you the package of working simple codes (I simplified the complex codes to easy and understandable codes) 
  • Guidance on latest Android learning enhancement links  
  • Great and dedicated care on Android learning process. :)          

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