Fusion Course Content

Oracle Fusion Online Training Course Content: 

Course Objective:

•     Install Fusion Middleware components

•     Configure the Metadata Repository for Fusion Middleware components

      Create and extend WebLogic domains for Fusion Middleware components

     Register system components with a WebLogic domain to enable monitoring by using  Fusion Middleware Control

     Configure Oracle Web Tier components as front-ends to Fusion Middleware components

     Start, stop, reconfigure, and monitor WebLogic Server by using Fusion Middleware Control

     Perform backup and recovery of a Fusion Middleware environment

     Describe a high availability implementation for Fusion Middleware

•     Move a Fusion Middleware system from test to production by using Fusion Middleware utilities

Course Topics:

Fusion Middleware Products and Architecture

    What is Middleware

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Products

     Fusion Middleware Tools Overview

Fusion Middleware Repositories: 

     The Metadata Repository and Which Products Use It

     The Repository Creation Utility

     SOA Suite Schema Overview

     WebCenter Schema Overview

     Identity Management Schema Overview

Fusion Middleware Installation Overview:

     Supported Configurations Overview

     Installation Planning Overview

     Enterprise Deployment Guides (EDG) Overview

     Installation Directory Structure

     WLS Installation Overview

     SOA Installation Overview

     Identity Management Installation Overview

     Installing Patches 

WebLogic Server Concepts:

     WebLogic Domain

•     Managed Server / Administration Server


     Starting / Stopping Servers

     Node Manager

     Application Deployment Concepts

     Data Source Concepts

     Java Message Service (JMS) Concepts  

Core WebLogic Server Administration and Monitoring : 

     Starting Servers with Start Scripts

     Boot Identity File (

     WLS Administration Console Overview

     Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control

     MBean Basics and JMX

     Comparison of Fusion Middleware Control and the WebLogic Server Admin Console

     Enterprise Manager Grid Control

     WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)                

Fusion Middleware High Availability: 

     Fusion Middleware High Availability Overview

     WebLogic Cluster Overview

     SOA High Availability Considerations

     ADF High Availability Architecture

     Web Center High Availability 

Node Manager: 

     Node Manager Architecture

     Node Manager Configuration (Java-based Node Manager)

     Basic Node Manager Properties

     Enrolling Node Manager with a Domain

     Node Manager Files

     Node Manager Control of Servers (start/stop/auto restart)

     Node Manager Best Practices 

Configuring Fusion Middleware Components: 

     Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard Templates

     Configuring Oracle Internet Directory

     Configuring Oracle HTTP Server

     Registering the Web Tier with WebLogic Server

     Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Basics

     OHS as the Proxy to a WebLogic Server Cluster

     Controlling OHS from Fusion Middleware Control

     Configuring OHS to Front the Administration Server

 Fusion Middleware Security: 

     Oracle Platform Security Services

     Users, Groups, and Roles

     Identity Store

      Identity Store and Authentication Providers

      Configuring Authentication Providers

      Credential and Policy Stores

      Authorization Relationship to the Policy Store


Backup and Recovery: 

•     Introduction to Backup and Recovery

     Homes: Oracle, Middleware, WebLogic

•     Backups


Development to Production:

     The Software Lifecycle and WebLogic

     Deployment Terms

     What Can Be Deployed

     Deployment Review

     Deployment Plans

     Moving from Test to Production (First Time)

     Moving from Test to Production (Later)

Fusion Middleware Performance:

     Performance Tuning Methodology

     JVM Tuning Overview

     WebLogic Server Tuning

     Tune Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

     Check Database Configuration

     Basic SOA Suite Tuning

     Basic WebCenter Tuning

     Basic Identity Management Tuning