Oracle Exadata Online Training

Oracle Exadata online Training

  • Exadata Database Machine Overview
  • ·Exadata Database Machine Architecture
  • Key Capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
  • ·Exadata Database Machine Initial Configuration
  • ·Exadata Storage Server Configuration
  • I/O Resource Management
  • Recommendations for Optimizing Database Performance
  • Using Smart Scan
  • Consolidation Options and Recommendations
  • Migrating Databases to Exadata Database Machine
  • Bulk Data Loading using Oracle DBFS
  • ·Exadata Database Machine Platform Monitoring Introduction
  • Configuring Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
  • MonitoringExadata Storage Servers
  • MonitoringExadata Database Machine Database Servers
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Network
  • Monitoring Other Exadata Database Machine Components
  • Other Useful Monitoring Tools
  • Backup and Recovery
  • ·Exadata DB Machine Maintenance Tasks
  • PatchingExadata Database Machine