Appium Online Training

Appium Online Training :

Chapter 1: Introduction to Appium

  • Introduction to Appium
  • Overview of Open Source Mobile Test Automation tools
  • Open source Mobile Automation tool Evaluation docs
  • Why APPIUM
  • Limitations of APPIUM
  • Appium architecture


Chapter 2: Add new concepts for mobile testing


Chapter 2: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Windows

  • Appium Prerequisites
  • Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental variables
  • Maven Configuration
  • Android SDK configuration
  • Eclipse IDE configuration
  • Appium installation on windows


Chapter 3: Installation for APK Files

  • What is an APK file
  • Various sources to get APK files
  • Installing application on real device using these APK files
  • Automating INDIAMART-Login
  • Automating Facebook- Post Status
  • Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout


Chapter 4: Object identification

  • UI Automator Component
  • Element Locators
    • Locating elements by resource ID
    • Locating elements by name
    • Locating elements by classname
    • Locating elements by xpath



Chapter 5: Basics of Android

  • Share & Control Real Android Device screen from PC
  • Download Android Platforms using SDK Manager
  • CreateVirtual Devices/Emulators using AVD Manager


Chapter 6: APPIUM basic concepts


  • Settingup a basic project
  • Appium API Reference
  • What are DesiredCapabilities
  • Knowing AppPackage and Launcher Activity of Android App




Chapter 7: APPIUM commands


  • sendKeys()
  • click()
  • getLocation()
  • getContextHandles()
  • findElement()
  • closeApp()
  • quit ..etc


Chapter 8: Mobile Touch Gestures-DragDrop, MultiTouch, Swipe,Scroll


  • Performing Drag and Drop using TouchAction class
  • Performing Click and Swipe using TouchAction class
  • Performing MultiTouch and Drop using MultiTouchAction class
  • Performing Swipe using screen coordinates(x,y)
  • Performing Long press using TouchAction class


Chapter 9: Android MobileBrowser-Automating Mobile Web Application

  • Introduction to Mobile Web Automation
  • How to get Useragent from Android Browser
  • Identifying the objects on Mobile browser
  • Automating mobile specific websites


Chapter 10 : Android- Automating Built in Apps(Phone, contact,Settings)

  • Android BuiltIn App(Phone) : Dial phone number
  • Android BuiltIn App(Message) : Sending a message
  • Android BuiltIn App(Clock) : Setup Recurring Alarm


Chapter 11: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Mac

  • Appium Prerequisites
  • Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental variables
  • Maven Configuration
  • Android SDK configuration
  • Xcode Configuration
  • Eclipse IDE configuration
  • Appium installation on Mac
  • Install Appium from command line using npm


Chapter 12: Appium- iOS App download

  • Emulators Vs Simulators
  • iOS App download
  • Share IOS Device Screen on Mac
  • Provisioning Development Build on Real IOS Device
  • Using Appium inspector to identify the element properties


Chapter 13: Working with Safari browser on IOS Device

  • Running ios first automation test case
  • Launch Safari browser on IOS Simulator
  • Launch Safari Browser on Real IOS Device


Chapter 14: Working with IOS Controls on Real IOS Device

  • Working with Steppers(UIAStepper)
  • Working with Switches(UIASwitches)
  • Working with Sliders(UIASlider)
  • Working with PickerWheel(UIAPickerWheel)
  • Working with Date Picker
  • Working with Segmented Controls(UIASegementedControl)
  • Working with Page Indicator(UIAPageIndicator)
  • Handling alerts


Chapter 15: Jenkins-Continous Integration with Appium

  • Parametrizing DesiredCapabilities using Maven
  • Integrating Appium with CI tool Jenkins
  • Dynamic Parametrization of DesiredCapabilities using Jenkins
  • Scheduling the framework to run at specific time


Chapter 16: SauceLabs-Cloud Integration with Appium

  • Integrate Appium IOS Tests with SauceLabs
  • Integrate Android Appium Tests with SauceLabs


Chapter 17: Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac & Windows

  • Programmatically launch Appium using AppiumServiceBuilder
  • Programmatically Launch Appium on Windows
  • Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac


Chapter 18: PageFactory Model- Automating IOS App

  • PageObject Pattern & PageFactory Introduction
  • Developing PageObject Model and extending PageFactory support
  • Creating AbstractTest & AbstractPage
  • Writing Tests in PageFactory Model
  • Using @iOSFindBy and @AndroidFindBy Annotations


Chapter 19: Appium Tests Parallel Execution

  • Run Appium Test Cases Across Multiple Devices Using Grid


Chapter 20: Capture Video and Screenshots for iOS & Android test runs

  • Android: Record Video Screen during test execution 
  • iOS: Video Record Screen during Test Execution
  • Eclipse IDE- Fix for ADB Path error during Video Capture on Android


Chapter 21: Overview on Appium 1.6.4 version

  • Introduction to XCUITest with iOS Simulator
  • Appium Desktop App and XCUITest Config with Real Device

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