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We are starting Class room Training in Vijayawada

CCNA Training in Vijayawada

CCNA Course Content 

Introduction Cisco Network Devices

1)      Course Objectives Certification Overview

Internetworking Concepts

1)      Evolution of networks

2)      Defining Network Components

3)       Hierarchical Internetwork Model

4)      OSI Reference Model

5)      DATA Encapsulation

Selecting Cisco Products

1)      CISCO Hub Products

2)      CISCO Switch Products

3)      Cisco Router Products

Assembling, Cabling Cisco devices, Cabling LAN/WAN

1)      Setting up Console configuring to CISCO Devices

2)      Operating and Configuring CISCO IOS Devices

3)      Basis Operation on Cisco IOS Software

4)      User Interface

5)      Logging into a router

6)      Configuring a Router

Managing your network Environment

1)      Documenting the network

2)      Router Boot Sequence

3)      Managing IOS Images

4)      Cisco Discovery Protocol

Interconnecting Networks with TCP/IP

1)      TCP/IP Overview

2)      Implementing Subnetting

3)      Configuring IP Addresses

Determining IP Routes

1)      Static Routing

2)      Default Routing

3)      Dynamic Routing – RIP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP

Traffic management with Access Lists

1)      Standard access lists

2)      Extended access lists

3)      Named access lists

Establishing Serial Point – To Point(PPP) Connections

1)      WAN Overview

2)      Configuring HDLC Encapsulation

3)      PPP Encapsulation Overview

4)      Configuring PPP and PAP & CHAP

Completing AN ISDN BRI Call

1)      ISDN BRI Overview

2)      ISDN Components

Frame Relay Over View

1)      Configuring Frame Relay

2)      Frame Relay Sub interfaces

3)      Network address translation

4)      DHCP Server

5)      Configuring Cisco Switches   

CCNA in Vijayawada

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