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We are starting Class room Training in Vijayawada

Computer hardware training in Vijayawada

 Course Content :

1) Microprocessors Dual/C2D/QuadCore,i3,i5&i7 ,

2) Memory- RAM & ROM, SRAM, DRAM, Cache Memory,

3) Motherboards, Different types of Motherboards and their parts etc ,

4)Drives - HDD-SATA/SCSI Hard Disk Drive, DVD,SSD. USB as a bootable drive

5)Different Slots,

6) Peripherals - Printer, Scanner, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor ,

7) BIOS, CMOS Setup, Hard Disk Drive - Partitioning and High Level Formatting ,

8) PC Assembling-Build, Secure, Maintain and Repair,

9) Backup and Restore,

10) Virtualization –Running Multiple OS in Single OS using VMware Workstation

11) Introducing LAN, WAN, TCP IP addressing (Public and Private) and Ports, Switch. UTP cable- Straight through and Cross Cable, UTP Cable Crimping, UTP Color Codes

12) Wireless LAN or Wi-FI Network - IEEE 802.11 Overview, 802.11 Architecture, Installation and Configuration of Wireless LAN cards in OS, Access Points.

13) Configuring Windows Security Features - Configure Windows Defender. Configure security settings in Windows Firewall.

14) Internet – Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware and Software Applications in Windows 7/8, Internet connectivity, Internet Proxy Setup Internet Connection Sharing.


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