Oracle DBA Online Training

Oracle DBA Online Training

As you are aware, Oracle DBA is an evergreen technology in the market. As the usage of Oracle DBA is increasing day by day, the demand for experts is ever increasing. Cheyat offers the best up-to-date Oracle DBA online training through its seasoned trainers. Jump ahead in your career by joining Cheyat to get the latest version of Oracle DBA online training. Basic knowledge on SQL programming is sufficient for a learner to get started and become a master professional in Oracle DBA.

We incorporate unique techniques which are recognized throughout the globe and are incorporated by a majority of the people. We provide Oracle DBA Online training, we cover Oracle 12 c version and Oracle 11 g versions. Every trainer in our team is chosen carefully with utmost care in order to provide quality learning service. We aim at providing quality teaching services which in turn help us to earn multitude of the learners.

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Oracle DBA Online Training Course Content

Introduction to DBA

  • Relational Database Systems
  • Integrity Constraints
  • Structured Query Language(sql)
  • Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator

Installation of Oracle Database Software

  • Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
  • Oracle Universal Installer
  • Prerequisite Checks
  • Installation
  • Configuration Assistants

Creating an Oracle Database

  • Database Architecture
  • Exploring the Storage Structure
  • Control Files
  • Redo Log Files
  • Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Segments, Extents, and Blocks
  • Oracle Instance Management
  • Oracle Memory Structures
  • Oracle Processes
  • Data Dictionary
  • Database Control
  • Grid Control
  • Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) Overview
  • Creating a Database
  • Passwords and Storage
  • File Locations and Backup Recovery
  • Content and Initialization Parameters
  • Other Actions with DBCA

Managing the Database

  • Starting and Stopping iSQL*Plus
  • Starting and Stopping Database Control
  • Accessing Database Control
  • Database Home Page
  • Changing the Listener Status
  • SHUTDOWN Options
  • Initialization Parameter Files
  • Viewing the Alert Log

Net Services

  • Oracle Net Services
  • Oracle Net Listener
  • Monitoring the Listener
  • Listening Addresses
  • Static Database Registration
  • Listener Control Utility
  • Oracle Net Connections
  • Directory Naming
  • Advanced Connections
  • Oracle Net Manager
  • Configuring Service Aliases with Net Manager

Managing Schema Objects

  • Schemas
  • Accessing Schema Objects
  • Schema Object Namespaces
  • Specifying Data Types in Tables
  • Other Data Types
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Understanding Data Integrity
  • Defining Constraints
  • Viewing the Attributes of a Table
  • Viewing the Contents of a Table
  • Creating Indexes
  • Creating Views
  • Using a Sequence

Storage Structures

  • Tablespaces and Data Files
  • Space Management in Tablespaces
  • Storage for Locally Managed Tablespaces
  • Altering a Tablespace
  • Actions with Tablespaces
  • Dropping Tablespaces
  • Viewing Tablespace Information

Administering Users

  • Database User Accounts
  • Creating a User
  • Profiles and Users
  • Authenticating Users
  • Database Users and Schemas
  • Privileges: System and Object
  • Roles
  • Assigning Quota to Users
  • Assigning Roles to Users

Managing Data

  • Objectives
  • Manipulating Data Through SQL/
  • The INSERT Command
  • The UPDATE Command
  • The DELETE Command
  • The COMMIT and ROLLBACK Commands
  • Integrity Constraints and DML
  • Data Pump Export
  • Data Pump Import
  • SQL*Loader
  • The SQL*Loader Control File
  • Control File Syntax Considerations
  • Input Data and Data Files
  • Loading Methods
  • Comparing Direct and Conventional Path Loads
  • Loading Data with SQL*Loader
  • External Tables
  • Transportable tablespace
  • Undo Management
  • Undo Data
  • Transactions and Undo Data
  • Storing Undo Information
  • Monitoring Undo
  • Administering Undo
  • Configuring Undo Retention
  • Guaranteeing Undo Retention
  • Sizing the Undo Tablespace

Backup and Recovery Concepts

  • Backup and Recovery Issues
  • Categories of Failures
  • Instance Recovery
  • Phases of Instance Recovery
  • Tuning Instance Recovery
  • Using the MTTR Advisor
  • Configuring for Recoverability
  • Configuring Backup Strategy
  • Scheduling Backups: Review
  • Backup Control File to Trace
  • Manage Backups
  • Database Recovery
  • Opening a Database
  • Changing Instance Status
  • Keeping a Database Open
  • Scenarios:
  • Loss of a Control File
  • Loss of a Redo Log File
  • Loss of a Data File in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Loss of a Noncritical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Loss of a System-Critical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Oracle Recovery Catalog maintenance
  • Backups using Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Recovery using Oracle recovery manager
  • Database Cloning using RMAN
  • Tablespace Point in time recovery
  • Incomplete recovery

Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts

  • Locks
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Data Concurrency
  • DML Locks
  • Enqueue Mechanism
  • Lock Conflicts
  • Possible Causes of Lock Conflicts
  • Detecting Lock Conflicts
  • Resolving Lock Conflicts
  • Deadlocks
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monitoring Methodologies
  • Database and Instance Metrics
  • Data Dictionary Metrics
  • Optimizer Statistics
  • Schedule Optimizer Statistics Collection
  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Viewing Metric Information
  • Reacting to Performance Issues
  • Reacting to Performance Issues

Proactive Maintenance

  • Server Generated Alerts
  • Thresholds
  • Setting Thresholds
  • Baseline Measurements
  • Tuning and Diagnostic Advisors
  • SQL Tuning and Access Advisors
  • Memory Advisors
  • Segment Advisor
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Managing the AWR
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

Highlights of Oracle DBA Online training

  • Highly interactive and career oriented sessions.
  • A comprehensive training program based on your learning needs.
  • Record sessions options are available for reference after the completion of the course.
  • Most of our trainers have minimum of 6+ years experience in the field of corporate training.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • 24/7 access to practice whenever and wherever necessary.
  • 24/7 access to technical support team through E-mail, chat and phone.
  • Boundless access to the digital library in order to become a master of the course.

The digitized Oracle DBA Online training materials are framed by the industry experts. Our professionals and trainers are very much passionate towards learning new things which help them to get up-to-date knowledge about the field. This course provides details regarding how to manage memory effectively and also regarding how to do performance evaluation as well as tuning tasks

Topics ranging from basics on how to plan the required capacity to creating and maintaining the databases, to advanced topics on performance tuning are covered in our Oracle DBA online training. We provide the required software to you and you can install it on your system/laptop for gaining hands-on experience.The competition in the job market is growing on a daily basis and only our expert trainers can prepare you to face the tough selection process by guiding you in drafting effective CV and preparing you for various rounds of technical interviews. Many job openings are currently available in USA, UK and in Bangalore-India. Join us and make your own mark among the industry experts of Oracle Database Administrators!

Oracle DBA Online Training FAQS: -

1)  What is Oracle ?

Oracle is a relational database management system. It is a management system which uses the relational data model. In relational data model, data is seen by the users in form of tables alone.

2)  What is oracle DBA?

A Database is systematic collection of data. Since the data in a databse is organized. It makes data management Easy.
Oracle DBA Consultants takecare about Software Ins and Maintance, Data Extraction, Transformation and Loadting, Database Tuning and Troublehooting Etc.

3)  what are the prerequisites to learn Oracle DBA Online Training?

To learn Oracle DBA, You need to have good knowledge on SQL and Linux. Any graduate with Basic knowledge on SQL will be able to learn Oracle DBA Online Training.

4)  Why we have to choose Cheyat Technologies for Oracle DBA Online Training?

You can definitely choose Cheyat Tech for Learning Oracle DBA Online Training. We provide both Live- interactive Online Training & Video-based training also. We provide the best lab setup wherein you can implement all your practicals and Real-time project-oriented assignments.
Cheyat Tech provides Online training / On-project supports / Interview preparation support for all IT Technologies.

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